Every wonder why we wear wedding rings?

Ever wondered why we wear wedding rings? and why we wear them on the left hand?


Wedding ring traditions vary according to different cultures around the world, so no one rule applies to all couples everywhere.

It is widely believed that wedding rings are an external symbol of love and commitment between a couple for all the world to see.

Couples have began including one or more wedding ring as a part of their marriage commitment for as far back as ancient Egypt and Greece times. In some European countries, the wedding ring or rings came to represent the marriage contract or financial arrangement involved in a betrothal rather than being a symbol of love. Later it become a traditional part of the Christian marriage ceremony indicating that the wedding rings be used as a symbol of love. It was also mentioned that the wedding rings were to be worn on the left hand because it coincided with the “heart side” of the body and was thus to be worn closest to the heart and it was believed that the “vein of love”-also called the “vena amoris”-ran through the third finger on the left hand and was directly connected to the heart.

Some cultures wear their wedding ring or rings on the third finger of the right hand, not the left. Other cultures utilize other pieces of special jewellery to symbolize their love, commitment, and cultural traditions instead of or in addition to wedding rings.

Throughout history it has been more common for only the woman to wear a wedding band, but in more modern recent times, many couples in western culture began exchanging wedding rings so that both the husband and wife receive and wear a ring.


Wedding rings have come to be a symbol of enduring and everlasting-or never-ending-love, much like the circle that is a never-ending shape that has no beginning and no end.

Couples spend a lot of time and effort selecting or designing the perfect rings that represent their love for one another; but most importantly, they are personal symbols most significant to the couple who have promised to share the rest of their lives and love together.



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