Wedding BUDGET….

Your ENGAGED… Woo Hoo.
What’s next?
The most dreaded talk… the BUDGET.
I’m sure all these ideas are flying around in your head; what color will my bridal party wear, how big will our quest list be.. Before moving on to those steps you need to first consider how much you will be spending on one of the biggest days of your lives.
Almost every couples’ biggest challenge is sticking to their wedding budget and having everything you want. Below are some tips from Exquisite Occasions to help with your budget.
1. Come up with a realistic number before you get started. Sit down with your finance and decide on a figure you are both comfortable with, and then figure out who will be paying for what. Will mom and dad or grandma help to foot the bill? Do this before you start looking into venues, photographer or that dress that you’ve seen and can’t live without.


 2. List your wedding priorities. Whatever your wedding budget ends up being, decide which wedding elements mean the most to you; make a list of MUST HAVE’S and CAN LIVE WITHOUT. It’s easier to decide where to splurge and where to cut back when your priorities are listed out beforehand.

3. Chart your vendor percentages. Consider how big of a piece each vendor is allowed within your overall wedding budget. When selecting flowers, or picking out a venue it’s easier to stay on track when you know you have $3,000 to spend on that purchase rather than subtract the amount you’re confronted with from your overall budget.

budget breakdown

If you have any questions regarding your budget; and need help allocating your budget we’d love to schedule an initial consultation session with you! Call us at 647-241-9559

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