Flowers, Table decor and more Flowers

As a wedding planner you have to expect the unexpected, cause that’s a part of our job right? There are some things that can be fixed easily and somethings that take a little more time.

When the bride’s bouquet falls right before the ceremony; the groom’s boutonniere is crushed because he received so many hugs in the last 10 minutes or you have to add an additional table with swagging due to unexpected guests,  you as the wedding planner must come to the rescue.

So coordinating a Introduction to decor/floral class was a great idea for over 15 WPIC certified wedding planners.

Mandy of Khazana Creations taught us the basics


starting with teaching us how to create a beautiful rose bouquet


create a stunning hydrangea and rose centerpiece


craft the perfect boutonniere for the groom

and don’t forget that table swagging.

So now when you have that unexpected situation happen at the wedding you are prepared


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